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The Homemaker, Companion, or Sitter will provide various homemaking and housekeeping services, spend time with each individual client for general companionship, conversation, and fun activities, as well as keep track of any essential healthcare services and procedures, to ensure safe and functional residence within the comfort of the client’s home – playing an essential role in avoiding unnecessary or premature relocation to a retirement home or assisted living community. The Homemaker, Companion, or Sitter may not, however, provide hands-on personal care to clients – as per State regulations.
All Personal Care Service employees comply with the Homecare Agency dress code, project a professional attitude toward self, patients, and other staff members, and follow department Public Relation policies regarding the sharing of client information or unprofessional affiliations – clearing any matter related to these topics through the Personal Care Services and Homecare Agency supervisors.

Personal Care Provider’s Services:

  • Maintain the home in an optimum state of cleanliness and safety depending upon the client’s and caregiver’s resources.
  • Spends time with and generally care for an elderly, handicapped, or convalescent individual – with companionship services, such as, playing games, cards, reading, watching television, and accompanying the client on outings.
  • Perform the functions generally undertaken by a customary homemaker – including such duties as preparation of meals, laundry, shopping, and care of children.
  • Perform casual cosmetic assistance – such as brushing the client’s hair, assisting with make-up, filing and polishing of nails, but not clipping nails.
  • Accompany the client to doctor’s appointments or shopping trips.
  • Accompany the client on any desired strolls; stabilize the client when walking – as needed, by holding the client’s arm or hand – while moving about the house as well as outdoors.
  • Report to the appropriate supervisor – any incidents, problems, or concerns related to their work immediately.
  • Report any unusual incidents or changes in the client’s behavior, condition or circumstances to the case manager immediately.
  • Maintain appropriate work records and relationships.
  • Maintain a chronological written record of medical and personal services.
  • Home Medical Equipment and SuppliesComplete appropriate documentation according to the Agency policies.
  • Attend all mandatory in-service programs and staff meetings.
  • Comply with Homecare Agency Compliance Plan.
  • Comply with Homecare Agency’s Infection Control Policies.
  • Comply with Homecare Agency’s HIPAA Policies.
  • Comply with state regulations and ACHC accreditation standards.
  • Have responsibility to their supervisor for all assignments.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by their supervisor

 Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

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